Writing Community for Misfits

Welcome to Obernewtyn.com

Obernewtyn.com or ‘Obercom’ is sub-group of Obernewtyn.net set up specifically for writers.

It’s a close-knit community of like-minded misfits who are looking for encouragement and feedback on their creative endeavours, who are willing to provide similar feedback and encouragement in kind.

  • Account request

    Account request

    Start your Obercom journey here! We welcome new members – we don’t allow immediate sign up simply to protect your writing from the general public of the internet 😉

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  • Obernewtyn Community Write-ins


    All around Australia, at various points throughout the year, Obernetters will flock together for a single purpose: Write-Ins. Now held across several states, Write-Ins vary in their routines, rituals, and regularities.

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Participate on whatever level you are comfortable with.

Share your work, or simply share your goals. Ask for help with plots, characters and ways to motivate yourself to produce more words, or check in now and then to see how others are meeting their own creative goals (or not). Ask for constructive criticism or go-easy-on-me feedback – or lend another writer a hand in editing their own work.

It’s entirely up to you; this site exists merely to facilitate whatever our writers needs may be, and offers a closed space, out of sight of the social-media driven arena, in which to do it.

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