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All around Australia, at various points throughout the year, Obernetters will flock together for a single purpose: Write-Ins.

First held in Melbourne, January 2014, after one Obernetter decided that maybe socialising wasn’t quite as bad as they’d heard it could be (but still thinking a large chunk of it would be better spent sitting in silence and ignoring everyone else around them while they attempt to reach word counts), the Write-Ins have become a much loved and regular feature of the community.

Now held across several states, Write-Ins vary in their routines, rituals, and regularities. Below are overviews from the currently active chapters in Australia.

If you live in a different region and would like to start up your own Write-In chapter, put out some feelers on the Writersmerge board to gauge interest!

The Victorian Chapter

Rain or shine (or, more probably, both), the Melbournetters scurry into the CBD on the first weekend of every month to meet Mr Tulk. Of course, no one has yet met Mr Tulk, but we gather at one of his tables and devour the brunch his anxious underlings bring forth. Once sated on good food and good conversation, the true purpose of the Write-In begins.

We bid adieu to Mr Tulk’s underlings and carry ourselves forth to The Doom where we bury our heads beneath skies of own making to produce the words that may one day find themselves on the pages of this site. Or, you know, read or knit or spend the entire time on instant messenger. To each their own. ‘Write-In’ is a rather deceptive descriptor.

Afterwards, we convene elsewhere for lunch, the location dependent on our whims at the time, and then whip around the CBD for a spot of book hunting and other activities, before, sadly, parting ways.

On special occasions, we make visits to our more well-traveled companions from the rural bounds of the state, most typically in Ballarat, so that they might sleep in for once. There is also a general effort to attend the Clunes Booktown Festival each year as a group; though, this is a slightly scattered affair.

Both Mr Tulk and The Doom Reading Room are located at the State Library on Swanston St.

The Brisbane Chapter

Meeting on the first weekend of each month (alternating between Saturday and Sunday…yeah, we copy Melbourne’s dates), we gather either in the Brisbane CBD (Brew Cafe & Wine Bar, hen Brisbane Square Library), or at the University of Qld (Wordsmith’s Cafe then SS&H Library). We’re smaller than the Melbourne group, with a variety of pesky real-life responsibilities that can often draw us away early from meets, but are devoted to catching up when we can. Any writing that is achieved is a bonus 😉
While we all love to write, often we use Write-Ins to study or plan assignments, or to catch up on freelance work (two of us are web developers and one a graphic designer). Feel free to join us, even if you don’t plan on writing. It’s amazing how productive you can be when you’re surrounded by other Obernetters all doing the same thing.

Join The Brisbane Chapter facebook group for more info.

The Sydney Chapter

The Sydney chapter had grand plans to blatantly plagiarise from the Melbourne blurb as it planned to boldly copy the meet-up format. Alas, however, neither is possible.
We generally meet on a Sunday morning (as availability is limited on Saturday – but we’re open to flexibility) at Customs House library at Circular Quay. We brunch at Gateway Sydney from 10-11 before heading to the reading room on level 2 of Customs House Library.
If you are interested in the prospect of spending 2 quiet hours overlooking Sydney Harbour while writing (or reading … or crocheting – whatever floats your boat) then feel free to join us on the Sydney Chapter Facebook group where we organise meet ups. And don’t be afraid to hassle Nef about organising the next one!

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